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Annual Conference 2024!

We look forward to our time together April 19-20, 2024 on the bay in Burlingame!

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Speaker Bios, Course Objective and Handouts (these will not be printed/provided in registration folders)

Barbara Leal: Guiding Program Growth and Student Success

     Handout: will be bringing

Theresa Groody: The ABCs of Direct Composites: Tips and Methodology for Teaching Adhesion, Bands, and Composites

     Handout: ABC’s of Direct Composites

Frank Vinculado: Ionizing Education & Methodology: Turning Negative to Positive

     Handout: will be bringing

Tanya Cusick: Teaching Methodology for Instructional Design


Cara Miyasaki: Sit Back & Relax – Teaching Methodology for  Provisionals

     Handouts: Teaching Provisional Restorations

Dental Board Update

Jonas Bianchi: The Digital Practice: AI and Technology Integration in Dental Clinics


Adrian Collins & Jermon Wright: Adapting to the Dynamics of the Modern Dental Workplace


Theresa Groody: Mastering Posterior Composites – It’s All About the Details

     Handout: Mastering Class II Composites

Melodi Randolph & Shari Becker: Legislative Update with CADAT/CDAA 


Frank Vinculado: Teaching Methodology for Digital Dentistry: The Future at your Fingertips


Brittney Talmadge, Jenna Benarba, Melissa Guillen: Teaching Methodology for Sealants

     Handouts: None

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