Standing Committee of the Dental Board
Melinda Cazares, RDA
Traci Espinoza, RDAEF2
Jeri Fowler, CDA, RDAEF2, OA

Michele Jawad, RDA, MAEd

Cara Miyasaki, RDA, RDHEF, MS

Rosalinda Olague, RDA, BA, Board Member
Joanne Pacheco, RDH, Board Member


Board President:

Joanne Pacheco, RDH (2018 – 1/2021)

Vice President:

Rosalinda Olague, RDA (2018 – 1/2021)


Alan Felsenfeld, DDS (1/2020 – 2024)

Fran Burton, Public member (2009 – 1/2021)

Ross Lai, DDS (2013 – 1/2021)
Lilia Larin, DDS (2018 – 1/2021)

Meredith McKenzie, ESQ, Public Member (2013 – 1/2024)

Abigail Medina, Public member (2017 – 1/2021)

Mark Mendoza, Public member (2020-1/2024)

Sonia Molina, DMD (2020-1/2024)

Alicia Montell, DDS (1/2020 – 1/2023)

Steve Morrow, DDS (2010 – 1/2022)

Thomas Stewart, DDS (2013 – 1/2021)

James Yu, DDS (2018 – 1/2024) 


The Government Relations Committee of the CDAA represents the interest of dental assistants in California in legislative matters affecting the licensure and practice of DA’s, RDA’s and RDAEF’s. We are your voice and work in collaboration with the California Association of Dental Assisting Teachers (CADAT) to promote and protect the profession.


NEWS from the Government Relations Committee

Update August 2021: Amendments to Infection Control approved by DBC, Exams and more . . .

Expedited Licensure for Asylum Seekers (Jan 2021)

Online-Only License Renewal Coming (Jan 2021)

Denists  Approved to Administer COVID Vaccines (Jan 2021)

DBC Issues statement about DA Programs relative to campus closures (March 2020)

DBC Issues statement about Continuing Education relative to COVID19 class cancellations. (March 2020)

Update re PSI Testing relative to COVID 19 (March 2020)

Amendments to Infection Control Standards (May 2018)

Occupational Analysis – RDA (2017)



Current Bills / Pending Regulatory Packages Affecting Dental Assisting

Basic Life Support Equivalency Standards (Cal. Code of Regs., Title 16, Sections 1016 and 2)

Dental Assisting Comprehensive Rulemaking (Cal. Code of , Title 16, Division 10, Chapter 3)

Determination of Radiographs and Placement of Interim Therapeutic Restorations (Cal. Code of Regs., Title 16, Section 1)

Minimum Standards for Infection Control (Cal. Code of Regs., Title 16, Section 1005)

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