Diablo DAS

DDAS ended 2020 year with a virtual meeting on December 11th.  The speaker was Kenneth Tittle, D.D.S.   The title of his presentation was “Demystifying Root Resorption”.  It was an excellent presentation using PowerPoint slides and animated videos along with his talk.  There were 24 in attendance.  DDAS next general meeting will also be online by our own Shari Becker on Saturday, February 6, 2021 from 9:00 – 1:15 p.m.  The topic will be Infection Control and California Dental Practice Act.

MeeYing Coffer, CDA, RDA, BA

Director of DDAS


Local Societies

Membership to your local society is included with your ADAA membership. Below is a list of contacts for your local society.

Diablo (CA08)

MeeYing Coffer, CDA, RDA, BA
E-mail: DiabloDAS@cdaaweb.org

Fresno-Madera (CA04)

Shelly Sorensen, CDA, RDA
E-mail: Fresno-MaderaDAS@cdaaweb.org

Greater Sacramento (CA31)

E-mail: office@greatersacdas.com

Marin County (CA16)

Christy Burton, RDA
E-mail: MarinCountyDAS@CDAAweb.org

Website:  www.mcdas.org

Orange County (CA09)

Georgie Vargas-Burket, CDA, RDA
E-mail: gpvburket@yahoo.com

Pomona Valley (CA10)

Claudia Pohl
E-mail: PomonaValleyDAS@CDAAweb.org
Website: www.pvdas.org

San Diego County (CA12)

Maryann Brawn, RDA
E-mail: mjbducks@icloud.com

San Fernando Valley (CA13)

Kristy S. Borquez, CDA, RDAEF, FADAA
E-mail: SanFernandoValleyDAS@cdaaweb.org

San Francisco County (CA18)

Judy Hollandsworth, RDA
E-mail: SanFranciscoCountyDAS@cdaaweb.org

San Gabriel Valley (CA14)

E-mail: SanGabrielValleyDAS@cdaaweb.org
Website: www.sgvdas.org

Santa Clara County (CA30)

Wendy Pio, CDA, RDA
E-mail: SantaClaraCountyDAS@cdaaweb.org



E-mail: student@cdaaweb.org