CDAA Home Study Course

Cal/OSHA: Bloodborne Pathogen Standard

Presented by:

Kelly Howard, CIH

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Course Content Outline:

  • Scope and application of section 5193.
  • What is a bloodborne pathogen and what constitutes “universal precaution”.
  • The necessary elements of a bloodborne pathogen infection control program, including:
    • Hazard identification.
    • Hazard control measures such as engineered sharps, work practices, and use of personal protective equipment.
    • Post exposure follow-up requirements, including use of a sharps injury log.
    • Cleaning and sanitizing.
    • Vaccination requirements.
    • Communication of hazards to employees – training, labels, and signs.

Educational Objective:

Provide an overview of the Cal/OSHA regulatory requirements pertaining to occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens – Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations,